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fakefakesofake in wowcasual


o_o So, we need to get this going.

Any ideas for promotion? (And yes, I realize there's only 2 of you besides me at the moment. Heh.)

I'm obviously clueless here as this isn't my cup-o-tea.


Yeah I would have to say I am completely clueless as well. -.- *sigh*
Well, that's no good. You're the owner. :(
There are three, now... *hides*

I stumbled over this community looking for something and figured I'd finally found a WoW community I dared join, since I still feel like a noob after over a year playing. My main is only level 48, and I've never even been to a instance, so I think you can say I'm a very casual player. A combination of being somewhat frightened and/or worried about in-game relations and the fact that I'm a full-time student. *doesn't even have an icon of her main, for shame*

I'm afraid I can't help much with promotions, though. I'd link on my LJ, but my friends either don't play at all or are in big, scary and serious raid guilds...
Hey no worries :D We just like the talk of in-game activities. Nothing more. Making friends is always good as well. And you are welcome to post anything here you like game related, whether it's questions or just being happy about an accomplishment that you had happen to you recently. ^^
We're here as support.
Indeed, welcome! :D

And that's pretty much my predicament on promoting as well... I the two people on my small flist are already in this community, lol.

But thank you for joining. :D

January 2009

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