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grimnir3115 in wowcasual

us dentarg

heh this sounds like a great community.

i just bought the game a few days ago, and have a level 12 bloodelf warlock with professions of herbalism and enchanting.

im on at random times, mainly early morning and late night. when the weather gets too nasty i get lucky and work cancels so i'll be able to log in more then.

anyways, figured i'd join here and see if anyone was interested in doing some random quests here and there.

char name is raenalgul btw.


Aw my main and all is on Blackhand. But perhaps I will make a pretty little alt on that server! :D And welcome btw to the community! We're still small so yeah not too much action going on here. *hugs*
Welcome! I don't play on that server, but now I feel the itch to make one there. Any excuse for moi. :P

heh joined it bc a RL friend plays on it but i never even see him on, so im contemplating switching.
Well, that's slightly better than rolling on a server, like I did originally, because a rl friend plays on it (and told you to) then doesn't talk to you at all, or even remember who you are after a month.

But it still sucks. :|
yeah sucks though, questing solo is starting to suck. gotta find a group soon
Yeah. The sooner you start doing group things (questing, dungeon runs, etc) the more you'll make friends and have people to talk to/rely on. :D

January 2009

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