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World of Warcraft Casual

Casual Community for the Casual Player

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All Members , Moderated
For casual players of World of Warcraft. Hardcore players also welcome. WoW talk, of course!
WoWCasual is a casual community for the casual player. A casual player is someone who may not have the time to play for hours and hours on end each day or week. Of course, hardcore players and everybody in between is also welcome--just make sure to behave yourselves and read the rules below! :)


1. If you have a problem, take it up with one of the mods first in this screened post, here.

2. Don't disable comments/screen comments/delete comments or entries. Any posts such as this that are not mod posts (those that are screened are usually screened for some reason or another!) will be deleted without warning.

3. Off-topic posts aren't allowed, unless it relates directly back to World of Warcraft in some way. (I.e. If you are trying to prove a point, make comparisons, etc.) Don't go overboard with this, though.

4. Trolling is definitely not okay. We're casual--remember that. If you feel like you can't voice your opinion out in the open, let somebody know. If you feel the need to troll, you will be out. And remember rule one: if you have a problem, take it up with a mod.

5. Nothing against WoW and Blizzard's TOS. Don't do it, it just isn't cool and can get us all in trouble.